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It’s been going on for decades…

Generous, well-meaning Americans have unwittingly supported the leftist indoctrination of our children at major colleges and universities.

What’s wrong with supporting your alma mater? Nothing – if your alma mater were what it used to be.

Take the Pledge to Divest

Today, with few exceptions, America’s institutions of higher learning are indoctrination factories for leftist, anti-American sentiment. Professors and faculty are hostile to Western Civilization, hostile to capitalism and free speech, and hostile to you.

And yet, they’re hungry for your money. Every “Dean of Diversity and Inclusion” and “social justice rally” depends on your financial gift.

Are you ready to cut them off?

DivestU is a major new campaign to divert $1 billion away from America’s colleges and universities.

This campaign is about honoring your intent – and kicking the legs out from under America’s most corrupt schools.

Take the Pledge to Divest

Become part of the campaign right now. It’s easy:

  1. Step 1

    Watch our new video, below, with Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk, to learn the full scale of the problem.

  2. Step 2

    Take the Pledge. Add your name and help send a wakeup call to leftist academics.

  3. Step 3

    Redirect your annual gift from your alma mater to ANY institution that actually shares your values.

It’s that easy. DivestU is your chance to divert $1 billion away from leftist academia in the name of Americanism!

Check out Charlie Kirk’s video, below, and take the pledge today.

It’s time to stop supporting institutions that don’t support your values; that, in fact, despise your values.

Take the pledge to DivestU today:

I am a perspective or current donor to a University and am pledging to stop giving to an institution that no longer supports my values.

  1. By taking the DivestU pledge, you are agreeing to receive updates from PragerU and Turning Point USA.

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