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    Just because you’re passionate about something, doesn’t mean you won't suck at it.

    - Mike Rowe
    Don't Follow Your Passion

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    Why the West Won

    Dating: Don't Waste Your Time

    The Market Will Set You Free

    Is The National Anthem Racist?

    How To End White Privilege

    What Is "Fair"?

    Margaret Thatcher: The Woman Who Saved Great Britain

    What Was the Enlightenment?


    If You Hate Israel, You're No Friend of the Jews

    The Amazing History of Christmas

    The Myth of Voter Suppression

    The Dark Art of Framing

    How Big Government Hurts Women

    Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    The Borderline Bar and Grill: A Tale of Men and Masculinity

    Public Pensions: An Economic Time Bomb

    Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven

    Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Statesman

    All I Want to Do Is Make Cookies

    Why I Don't Want and Don't Deserve Reparations

    How the Government Made You Fat

    Goodbye, America

    Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    AJ+ Is Al Jazeera

    Is College Worth It?

    PragerU v. YouTube

    True for You but Not for Me

    The Charlottesville Lie

    What's the Deal with the Green New Deal?

    Why Can't America Fill a Pothole?

    How to Become a Dangerous Person

    Was Jesus a Socialist?

    A Fine Time to Become an American

    The Best Book to Read to Your Kids

    National Debt: Who Cares?

    Who Does the Media Most Want to Silence?

    Big Tech Is Big Brother


    Discipline = Freedom

    Why Don't You Support Israel?

    Why God Is a He

    Who Are the Racists?

    Is Denmark Socialist?

    Preferred Pronouns or Prison

    Why Has the West Been So Successful?

    The Chicago Fire: America at Its Best

    The Left Ruins Everything


    Sex Matters

    Capitalism vs. Socialism

    Is Harvard Racist?

    What Made George Washington Great?

    America Wants Legal Immigrants

    Why Trump Won

    What It Takes to Become a Millionaire

    Where Are You, Martin Luther King?

    What Does Diversity Have to Do with Science?

    Staff pick

    WWI: The War That Changed Everything

    How the Reformation Shaped Your World

    Why You Should Be a Nationalist

    Who Are the Most Powerful People in America?

    Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?

    Politics and Sports: Keep Your Hands Off My Football

    Lincoln And Thanksgiving: The Origin of an American Holiday

    Building Resilience: 5 Ways To A Better Life

    Hamilton: The Man Who Invented America

    Illegal Immigration: It's About Power

    The American Trinity: The Three Values that Make America Great

    What's Wrong with Government-Run Healthcare?

    Goodbye, Columbus Day

    Who Needs Feminism?

    Who Is Karl Marx?

    What Is Hezbollah?

    What Is Net Neutrality?

    Left or Liberal?

    Who Is Dennis Prager?

    A Nation of Immigrants

    What Was the Cold War?

    Make Men Masculine Again

    Why the 3/5ths Compromise Was Anti-Slavery

    Public Union: Public Enemy

    So, You Think You're Tolerant?

    The Amazing Life of Ulysses S. Grant

    American Media, Soviet Tactics

    What Is Intersectionality?

    Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

    Adam Carolla: Don't Make Things Worse

    America's 2nd War of Independence

    Playing the Black Card

    The Suicide of Europe

    Walt Disney: American Dreamer

    Control the Words, Control the Culture

    What's a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?

    Cops Are the Good Guys

    As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

    Eye for an Eye: One of the Greatest Ideas in History

    Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks

    Let Kids Be Kids

    Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union

    Dear Celebrities, No One Cares What You Think

    Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World

    What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood

    How Lincoln Changed the World in Two Minutes

    Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?

    Fix Yourself

    I'm Gay...Conservative...So What?

    The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party

    Is There Life After This Life?

    Trophies Are for Winning

    Hollywood Wants Your Money...and Your Mind

    Social Security Won't Give You Security

    Is Fascism Right or Left?

    An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army

    Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

    The Key to Unhappiness

    What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?

    What Happens When Google Disagrees With You?

    Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media

    How to Raise Kids Who Are Smart About Money

    How the States Can Save America

    What Is the Alt-Right?

    Gun Rights Are Women's Rights

    The "Anti-Hate" Group That Is a Hate Group

    Did FDR End the Great Depression?

    Gender Identity: Why All The Confusion?

    The Secret to Success

    Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?

    Are Some Cultures Better than Others?

    Why Self-Esteem Is Self-Defeating

    If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire

    Why Is Health Insurance so Complicated?

    If You Hate Poverty, You Should Love Capitalism

    How's Socialism Doing in Venezuela?

    Econ 101

    Who Does a $15 Minimum Wage Help?

    How Iraq Was Won and Lost

    College Made Me Conservative

    Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?

    The War On Cars

    Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?

    Government Can't Fix Healthcare

    Black, Millennial, Female and… Conservative

    School Choice Saved My Life

    Was America Founded to Be Secular?

    What Is Fake News?

    JFK: Democrat or Republican?

    When Transparency Really Means Tyranny

    Why You Love Capitalism

    How to Get Kids to Listen

    Build the Wall

    Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War?

    Is Organic Food Worth the Cost?

    The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

    What's a Quarter-Life Crisis?

    Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

    What's Worse: Vaping or Smoking?

    Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism?

    Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

    American Indians Are Still Getting a Raw Deal

    Why Special Needs Students Want School Choice

    The Least Diverse Place in America

    Single-Payer Health Care: America Already Has It

    Calling Good People "Racist" Isn't New: the Case of Ty Cobb

    How Socialism Ruined My Country

    Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?

    If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong

    There Is Only One Way Out of Poverty

    There Is No Gender Wage Gap!

    Is Gun Ownership a Right?

    Why America Must Lead

    Who Was Paul Revere and Why Should You Care?

    Don't Compare Yourself to Others

    Why I Left the Left

    What's Holding the Arab World Back?

    Why Is America So Rich?

    Why Good Teachers Want School Choice

    The Paris Climate Agreement Won't Change the Climate

    Are Humans More Valuable Than Animals?

    Would a Flat Tax Be More Fair?

    The Sexiest Man Alive

    Born to Hate Jews

    Just Say "Merry Christmas"

    Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N?

    What Should We Do About Guns?

    Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism

    The Dark Art of Political Intimidation

    Immigrants! Don't Vote for What You Fled

    Can a Desert Nation Solve the World's Water Shortage?

    Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

    Can You Trust the Press?

    Is America's Tax System Fair?

    What's Killing the American Dream?

    The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans

    Were the Founders Religious?


    Income Inequality is Good

    Every American Needs To Hear This Speech

    The Conservative Student's Survival Guide

    Are the Police Racist?

    Love Needs Laughs

    Can the Government Run the Economy?

    I Learned More at McDonald's Than at College

    Climate Change: What's So Alarming?

    Who's More Compassionate: The Left or the Right?

    Socialism Makes People Selfish

    Do 97% of Climate Scientists Really Agree?

    Which One Are You: Ideologue or Pragmatist?

    Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?

    The Benefits of Belief

    Black Fathers Matter

    Don't Follow Your Passion

    Why Did America Fight the Korean War?

    Who's More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?

    What ISIS Wants

    Be a Man. Get Married

    Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?

    Why Private Investment Works & Govt. Investment Doesn't

    Fossil Fuels: The Greenest Energy

    Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?

    Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?

    Baseball: As Unique as America

    Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do

    America's Socialist Origins

    Government: Is it Ever Big Enough?

    Did Bush Lie About Iraq?

    The Government Isn’t Supposed to Fix Your Life

    Anger Management

    What is Crony Capitalism?

    A Progressive's Guide to Political Correctness

    Are Electric Cars Really Green?

    How to Fix the World, NYPD-Style

    Sex and the Power of the Visual

    Where Do Good and Evil Come From?

    Is America Racist?

    Sticks and Stones

    Does it Feel Good or Does it Do Good? Left vs. Right #2

    How Do You Deal With Painful Truths? Left vs. Right #4

    How Do We Make Society Better? Left vs. Right #5

    How Big Should Government Be? Left vs. Right #1

    How Do You Judge America? Left vs. Right #3

    Israel: The World's Most Moral Army


    Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem?

    Campaign Finance Reform Corrupts

    Game of Loans

    Left but Really Right

    Who Killed the Liberal Arts?

    Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?

    Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

    Rockefeller: The Richest American Who Ever Lived

    Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology

    Why the Right is Right

    Is Capitalism Moral?

    Why We're Losing Liberty

    Does Free Speech Offend You?

    Are You on the Wrong Side of History?

    The Most Important Question About Abortion

    Was the Civil War About Slavery?

    The Iran Nuclear Deal

    Why I Left Greenpeace

    Trees Are the Answer

    The Truth about CO2

    Are GMOs Good or Bad?

    What They Haven't Told You about Climate Change

    Religious Tolerance: Made in America

    What Makes America Different?

    Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?

    Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

    Do Big Unions Buy Politicians?

    The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear

    Should America be the World's Policeman?

    Do You Understand the Electoral College?

    The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College

    Happiness Equation: U = I - R

    Coolidge: The Best President You Don't Know

    Don't Judge Blacks Differently

    Why You Should Love Fossil Fuel

    Profits Are Progressive

    Do We Have Free Will?

    What Is the University Diversity Scam?

    Why America Invaded Iraq

    Is This the Most Important Date in U.S. History?

    He Wants You

    Israel's Legal Founding

    Do the Rich Pay Their Fair Share?

    Does Science Argue for or against God?

    Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?

    How Dark Were the Dark Ages?

    Myths, Lies and Capitalism

    Are Israeli Settlements the Barrier to Peace?

    Do Not Covet

    Do Not Bear False Witness

    Do Not Steal

    Do Not Murder

    Honor Your Father and Mother

    Remember the Sabbath

    Do Not Misuse God’s Name

    No Other Gods

    The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know

    Do Not Commit Adultery

    I Am the Lord Your God

    Is the Customer Always Right?

    The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

    The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers

    What's the Right Minimum Wage?

    A Black South African on Israel and Apartheid

    Money in Politics: What's the Problem?

    How to Solve America's Spending Problem

    The Myth of the Gender Wage Gap

    Is the UN Fair to Israel?

    Was it Wrong to Drop the Atom Bomb on Japan?

    Why is Modern Art so Bad?

    How the Liberal University Hurts the Liberal Student

    God and Suffering

    What Creates Wealth?

    The Missing Tile Syndrome

    Teachers Unions vs. Students

    The War on Work

    BDS: The Attempt to Strangle Israel

    What Matters Most in Life?

    Do You Pass the Israel Test?

    The Truth about the Vietnam War

    Hoover and the Great Depression

    The Promise of Free Enterprise

    What Every Graduate Should Know

    Why America's Military Must Be Strong

    War on Boys

    Iran and the Bomb


    The Middle East Problem

    The Government vs. the American Character

    God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?

    Are People Born Good?

    What is Social Justice?

    What Did Your Parents Most Want You to Be?

    Why Capitalism Works

    The Bigger the Government...

    America's Debt Crisis Explained

    Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments

    Feminism 2.0

    Lower Taxes, Higher Revenue

    The Least Free Place in America

    Why Be Happy?

    Why Rent Control Hurts Renters

    Is Evil Rational?

    The American Trinity

    Change Your Life!

    Why Bad Luck is Good

    Understanding Men and Women; Why They See Things Differently

    Interview With Paul Johnson

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